Year in Review: 2020

2020 was… unexpected.

It definitely wasn’t the year we anticipated (so much so we are publishing this almost 3 months late).

We wanted to:

  1. Get into retail (nope)
  2. Go to conventions (def not)
  3. Launch another Kickstarter (kinda?)
  4. Go ham with new content (ish)
  5. Launch new products (nailed it!)

Despite that, we still pressed on and had ourselves a pretty good year anyway! Let’s review.

We launched Tactical Drop #1

Possibly the biggest takeaway for the year was the introduction of Tactical Drops.

This promising new funding format allows us to start introducing manufactured print tokens into our lineup without the need for heavy upfront costs or an entire Kickstarter.

With Drop #1 fully funded, we’re looking forward to Drop #2.

We were featured in the DM Lair’s Kickstarter

Beyond running our own campaigns, we really love helping others succeed as well – especially when they offer our product in their reward tiers.


We worked with the DM Lair to assemble a lineup of tokens specifically designed for his adventure. Can’t wait to partner with more crowdfunding campaigns!

We built a new dice roller tool

Just what nobody asked for: another dice roller tool!

To be fair, it’s dope and it features a special fireball button, so there.

We started publishing Tactical Tales

Though To’ruuk and Faelin have yet to survive their encounter, we introduced a new “choose-their-adventure” style story line with Owlbear Assault Part 1 and Part 2.

Will they meet their doom? Find out sometime later when we get to it.

Looking on to (the rest of) 2021

2020 was.. well it was 2020. 2021 must be better – and we’re off to a good start.

More Drops! We’re pushing Drop #2 now and it won’t be our last. Join the Discord to have a say in what we drop next.

Partnerships! We already launched with The Token Vault to print highly customizable tokens. We’ve got a spot in the Mag of Holding, too. More partnerships to come 🙂

Cons!? Fingers crossed.

Thanks for sticking with us through THESE CRAZY TIMES. Here’s to a docile, calm, easy going rest of 2021. Thank you.

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