Tactical Tales: Owlbear Assault – Part 2

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The owlbear launched onto its hindquarters and let out a terrifying bestial shriek as it eyed up its new prey.

To’ruuk caught eyes with his brother. They knew there was only way way out of this alive.

And it would hurt.

Grounding his feet into the mossy earth, To’ruuk honed in on his overpowering quarry. He would not let this aberration lay one talon on his brother. How dare this arrogant beast even lay threat!


Anger, rage poured into his snarling exclamation. It invigorated him, strengthening his resolve and steeling his reserve. His skin toughened and, had it not been for the darkness, he would seem even hairier than before.

“ON ME!” To’ruuk bellows.

The owlbear narrowed its gaze upon him as it dropped to all fours, shaking the ground beneath their feet.

“Help..” the injured man trembled.

“Well, I don’t think we’ve much’a choice, thanks,” Faelin muttered flatly.

There was only one thing left to do.

With a feral growl, To’ruuk lunged forward with his greataxe in tow.

Swinging mightily, he aimed to cleave its head clean off, but the owlbear shouldered the blow; it’s tough, feathery fur akin to chainmail atop thick hide armor.

As the slash glances, Faelin falls silent to the stark reality that sets in: this foe might very well be their last. He thins his eyes in resolute determination. 

The owlbear growls, almost gleeful to find such weak prey. 

To’ruuk braces for the inevitable. 

What should Faelin do?

Help shape the story! (see Faelin's Stats on D&D Beyond)

A. Shoot crossbow at the owlbear
B. Cast shatter on the owlbear (lvl 2)
C. Cast heroism on To’ruuk (lvl 1)

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