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Token-style miniature supplement for tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Pile of 100 Blank 1 Inch Dry&Wet Erase Tactical Tokens

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Miniatures are heavy when you’re carrying dozens of them around with you to and from games. Tactical Tokens however, are super lightweight, only a few grams per piece, so feel free to bring that horde of 500 orcs to your next encounter (and leave their defeated legion scattered across the battlefield).


A single standard, unpainted miniature costs as much as six times more than one of our full-color tokens. The savings only go up when considering larger and larger creatures.

Wet & Dry Erase Safe

Easily draw statuses, items, number, labels, or even mustaches on the tokens with wet or dry erase markers and wipe them clean whenever you want.

Scratch & Spill Resistant

Clumsy players? Tactical Tokens are spill resistant and easily wiped off when you accidentally go into a barbarian rage and elbow your “water bottle“. Don’t worry about scratching them either. Every Tactical Token is covered in self-healing epoxy resin.

Stackable Stickiness

With a small pinch, Tactical Tokens will stick together better then your average adventuring party. They’ll also stick to any other dry erase surface. Don’t worry, they unstick just as easily.

Double Sided

Quickly flip tokens to reveal a black-and-white version to easily represent conditions like being unconscious, asleep, or dead.