[KickStarter Alert] DM Lair: Into the Fey (with tokens!)

The DM Lair is a boss.

He produces supreme content on YouTube and has been a great friend to team tactical since the beginning.

Right now, he’s running this awesome kickstarter for his hardcover 5e adventure book (which we can’t wait for) and the best part is, we’re in it! Tactical Tokens will be producing a set of 50 full-color printed tokens to pair exactly with the encounters of the book.

Sample art from the pack

We’re beyond excited!

It’s the first time we’ve been featured in someone else’s campaign and we can’t wait to explore all the opportunities in partnering with other creators in the future.

Wait, what are Tactical Tokens?

If you’re new, Tactical Tokens are a durable miniature alternative for use with tabletop encounters. Instead of unpainted, expensive, and breakable miniatures, use tokens my handful to create any encounter on the fly – especially with our wet/dry erase blank tokens.

They’re smaller than minis, which makes them super easy to store and pack.


We can’t wait to make the DM lair’s tokens for you guys. Don’t miss out on this epic kickstarter!

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