Design Your Own Tactical Tokens with The Token Vault

Good news, everyone! We’ve partnered with a fantastic new tabletop company called The Token Vault to bring you infinitely customizable Tactical Token art.

With the Token Vault, you can choose from a ton of high quality token art from dozens of renowned tabletop artists (like our friend Devin Night who provides the art for Tactical Drops) – and then customize everything about them.

Change the hair type, the color of the coat, and even what weapons they hold!

Check out their demo tool.

Each token is painstakingly hand drawn and painted by artists, then clipped and masked into the intricate editor above by their team. Amazing work.

Tactical Token … Vault

While we work on a full tech integration with their product, follow these simple steps to customize and print their art on our tokens.

  1. Visit the Token Vault and buy the art you’d like to use.
  2. Customize the token within their editor.
  3. Download the token art to your desktop.
  4. Upload the art in our custom token product and checkout.

And voila! Any custom token you create on the Token Vault can be printed on a Tactical Token.

Bring your virtual tokens into the physical realm!

Stay tuned for further integration news!

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