Tactical Drops

As outlined in a previous blog post, Tactical Drops are our new format for launching new print token designs. They’re short crowdsales to kickstart our full-color token line:

  • Each design has a 100 count goal
    • If a design meets its 100 count goal
      • the first 100 tokens will be first edition
      • and all tokens will be machine-made
    • If a design doesn’t meet the goal, they will be hand-crafted
    • Either way, you’re guaranteed to receive high-quality tokens
  • The campaign runs for about 14 days
  • The tokens will be in your mailbox within 8 weeks (bar customs/shipping issues)
  • You’ll be able to order as many of each token design as you’d like and you’ll also receive a digital version of your tokens for use in VTTs like Roll20, Foundry, and Fantasy Grounds!
    • Digital tokens will be available for download immediately after successful order payment.


Will I be charged immediately?

Yes. Because you’re guaranteed to receive your order no matter what, we charge up front just like a regular product. This helps us expedite our fulfillment operation since we’re able to use the funds raised within 48 hours, unlike Kickstarter which can take weeks.

How soon will I receive my tokens?

Once the campaign is over, we expect a vast majority of backers will receive their orders in the mail within 8 weeks. We’ve seen some customs issues with international orders and we appreciate the patience our customers have had in these cases.

You can download your digital tokens from your account page immediately after successful order payment.

What are first edition tokens?

First-edition tokens are identical prints that include a small denotation that differentiate them from the standard print.


What if the goal is not met?

If the individual goal is not met, but the overall goal is met, then all tokens will be considered as having met their goal.

If both the individual goal and overall goal are not met, the tokens will be handcrafted and no first-edition tokens will be created.

What’s the difference between hand-made and machine-made?

Hand-made tokens are of equal quality to machine-made, with a few small differences.

Read more about the subtle differences in our blog post. (Coming soon) Can you spot the differences?

What’s on the back of each token?

The back of each token will have a desaturated (grayscale) version of the primary artwork. It is useful for denoting defeated enemies and leaving their remains on the battlefield.

Will I receive a digital file, too?

Yes, you will receive a high-quality digital image for use in VTT platforms like Roll20 or personal use. You cannot offer these images for resale.

Will these be ready before [insert holiday here]?

We’ll do everything in our power to get these in your hands as soon as possible, but the state of shipping in world at present makes this hard to promise. Customers in the USA should have little to no problems, but we’ve had continual issues with international shipping and customs delays. We appreciate your continued patience with these issues.

Will these be added to the shop after the campaign is over?

Yes, if the design meets its goal it will be added to the shop after the orders have been shipped – approximately 8 weeks after the campaign ends. If the design does not meet its goal, it will not be added to the shop.

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