About Us


We’re Tactical Tokens – aka Dave and James – and we created this company for one simple reason:

We want to make engaging tabletop gaming more inclusive

Specifically, when we first started gaming, we could either choose to play with trinkets found around our house or set aside some serious cash to buy miniatures.

There wasn’t really a good middle ground for creating an immersive tabletop experience on a budget.

So, we started dabbling with simple (and cheap) ways to replace the nickels and chits we were using for our games.

First, we printed stickers onto quarters (heavy tokens are both good and bad).

Then we put those stickers onto PVC discs, but it didn’t feel right.

Then wood discs, cardboard, card stock, and a hundred other combinations before settling on the perfect combination:

Heavy weight paper within a premium grade resin casing

After battle testing them through dozens of D&D encounters (and running them over with a car), we decided to share our product to the masses with a Kickstarter!

Through many stressful months of preparation and months of production that followed, we successfully funded our project and have been growing ever since (thank you backers!).

Now, with strong manufacturing partners and a heavy customer interest in our blank tokens, we’re excited to continue to grow this company and power more tabletops around the world!