We ship to all countries EXCEPT: Afghanistan, Chile, China, Congo, Cuba, Estonia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Palestinian Territory, Reunion, South Sudan, Sudan, and Syria.

Countries we have shipped to in the past: United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, Estonia, New Zealand.

The common design of Tactical Tokens are made by combining heavy weight print medium and premium grade resin. The print medium inside is what the image is printed on and this double-sided core is then encased in a special resin that quickly hardens.

The hardened coating is still malleable, smooth to the touch, self-healing, and erasable marker safe.

We currently make 5 sizes and 2 shapes. 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, and 40mm (1.5748in) tokens. Circle, and Rounded Corner Square. In a game like Dungeons and Dragons this is what the token sizes represent:

  • Tiny/Small/Medium = 1 inch token
  • Large = 2 inch token
  • Huge = 3 inch token
  • Gargantuan = 4 inch token.

Custom tokens refer to the illustration, design, or artwork that is printed on the inside of the token on its core. The physical design of the token components remain unchanged.

In order to make custom tokens you must first own the rights to or have express written consent from the rights owner to use the images uploaded. By uploading any images to TacticalTokens.com you acknowledge this to be true.

Next, we highly recommend running the images to be made into custom tokens through our Token Stamp Tool to ensure the proper cropping is applied to your images during the printing and production process. Avoid cropping your image exactly to the edge. Images could be enlarged up to 1.1x during the printing and crafting processes.

Finally, upload the newly cropped images to the Custom Tokens Product, add to cart, and checkout.

If you are interested in having custom tokens made in wholesale sizes (100+/pc), please contact us directly. Here or on Discord.

All sales are final, but if you have an issue with your order or the product you received please contact us and we’ll work to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please send your message to dave@tacticaltokens.com.

Currently our payment providers are PayPal and Credit Card (through Stripe). More to come.

If there is a payment method you would like us to consider adding to the site, please send your request to dave@tacticaltokens.com.

The best way to contact us is by email. Dave@TacticalTokens.com. You can also reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or Discord.

Functionally, there are very little differences. Both share virtually identical physical properties. Like weight, durability, waterproof-ness, stack-ability, etc. The key difference is the machine-made tokens have greater precision and detail in printing and alignment. Read our comprehensive and exhaustive comparison of the two crafts of tokens in this blog post (coming soon).