Part 12 – Long Forgotten Soul

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There’s a quiet lull inside the Temple. A brisk wind brings a chill to the Party’s bones. An Ethereal figure appears, pleading to the Party and their kind hearts. They were once a Monk that resided here, and they inform the Party about a gemstone that was stolen from the Temple when the Pirates attacked. The Monk had cursed the gemstone to cause undeath to those that carry it. If the gem is returned to the Temple, the curse will be lifted; the light of the Temple will return; and those who aided in the recovery will be rewarded.

Things to Prepare:

  • A description for the Ghostly Monk that appears before the Party.
  • A backstory for the Monk. How did he die? How did he curse the gemstone?
  • The rewards the Party can get their hands on if they help lift the curse.
  • The Backstory of the Temple,  why did the Pirates want the gemstone?

On Success: The Ghost grants them free passage in Temple if the Party agrees to help.

On Failure: The Ghost becomes angry, and could even launch an attack on the Party!

Reward: Directions to the Vault that holds the treasure, and can uncurse the gemstone.

A stylized version of the plain text Token Tale listed above.
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