Part 11 – Disturbed Rest

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The Party find themselves in the remnants of an abandoned temple. The tapestry and stonework have long been chipped away by cutlass and gunpowder. The hint of a gruesome battle stains the room. The Party disturbs the air, and the atmosphere changes almost immediately. A pair of statues decorate the centre of the room. As the Party makes their way towards the centre, the eyes on the statues flicker a blue light. Their bodies come to life and the stone creatures burst from their pedestals ready to defend their old home. The Party must ready themselves to fight the golems.

Things to Prepare:

  • Stat Blocks for the living statues / golems. They can be separate or the same.
  • A Temple room littered with destroyed furniture and damaged stonework.
  • Some light sources to help the Party see (if they don’t have darkvision).
  • A list of loot left behind by the Pirates who ransacked the Temple.

On Success: The Party defeat the statues and have a moment of solace.

On Failure: The Party is hurt and must retreat, or face death.

Reward: The Statue’s eyes can be pried out, giving the Party some expensive gems.

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