Kobold Grunt


Kobold Grunt


The final kobold flees in fear as the murder hobos casually step through the remains of his friends.

Part of Tactical Drop #2, this design has a $100 goal. If the goal is met, all tokens will be machine-made and the first 100 will be first-edition.

See the full description below for more information.

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Introducing Tactical Drops: limited-time crowdsales for new printed tokens.

Each of the drop’s designs have their own $100 goal*. If their individual goal is met, all tokens of that design will be machine-made and the first 100 tokens will be first-edition*.

If the overall drop goal of $1400 is met, all token designs (no matter their percentage of individual funding) will be machine-made with 100 first-edition tokens. Otherwise, the tokens will be hand-crafted and no first-edition prints will be made for that particular token.

Read FAQs.

* The 2″ Winter Wolf is a limited edition, drop-only token with a $400 goal. There is no first edition print of this token and it will never be sold again.

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