Announcing Tactical Drop #01: Common Creatures by the Immortal Devin Night

Printed tokens are back, baby! Here are the details for Drop #1.


What are Tactical Drops?

Tactical Drops enable us to launch new groups of Printed Tokens easier and cheaper through the use of crowdsales than we ever could through the use of crowdfunding on platforms like Kickstarter.

They are our unique format for launching new printed tokens and token designs that help us kickstart and grow our line of tokens. 

This format also creates the perfect opportunity for us to better collaborate with artists and publishers who may want to launch their own tokens without the need for a cumbersome Kickstarter campaign. 

Learn more about the entire behind-the-scenes process in our drops introduction blog post.

How does it work?

Basically, each token or design in the drop has its own goal.

If its goal is met, the first 100 tokens of that design will be first edition and all of the tokens will be machine-made.

If its goal is not met, those tokens will be hand-crafted instead – unless the entire drop meets its goal. Hand-crafted tokens are just as good as machine-made, but with way less upfront cost to produce.

Either way, you’re guaranteed to receive your high quality tokens.

Learn more about Tactical Drops or read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Drop #1: Common Creatures

Start – the campaign starts on Thursday, October 15th, 2020 at 9AM ET.

End – the campaign will run for 15 days and end on Friday, October 30th, 2020 at 9PM ET.

Our community on Discord has voted and we’ve finalized our lineup for this first drop. It centers around some of the most common foes you’ll encounter in any given adventuring day and serves as a solid foundation for us to build out future projects that may feature these prevalent perpetrators.

We’re launching with 5 creature designs by one of the industry’s top illustrators Devin Night.

View Now.

Each token will have a full color print on one side, and a desaturated version on the other. We’re big fans of the double-sided design because it makes it effortless to track certain conditions like being unconscious. As a player, it is so sweet and rewarding to flip that token over after defeating the creature.

And of course, these printed tokens give you all of the benefits of our other tokens.

  • Wet & Dry Erase Safe
  • Stack-able
  • Spill-proof
  • And many more…

In addition to your tokens, you’ll receive a downloadable image for use in VTTs like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

We’ll work to have your tokens in combat within 8 weeks after the campaign’s end, but we’ve already seen long delays with shipping in the past (especially with international shipments and customs).

If everything goes to plan, you’d get your tokens before Christmas, but no promises.

Questions? Drop a comment below, send us an email, or join our Discord server to chat with us (all).

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