10 Second Tactics – Track Initiative On Your DM Screen with Index Cards

Tracking initiative can be a daunting task. Especially if you have a large group of players and creatures on the battlefield. It’s also important that certain aspects of combat be tracked publicly to keep the encounter moving smoothly. In today’s 10 Second Tactic I show you a quick and easy way to track initiative right on top of your DM Screen.

Watch the video below to see this tactic first hand. I go into more detail below.


#10SecondTactics How to easily and cheaply track initiative at the table for both you (DM) and the players. #DMTips #DND #dungeonmaster #DM

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Here’s what you need.

  • Index Cards or Paper
  • Markers or anything to write with
  • Scissors (optional)

Step 1

Fold the index cards in half.

Step 2

Write the Player, NPC, or Creature name on both ends of the index card. One side will be visible only to the DM behind the screen. And the other side will be visible to the players.

Step 3

On the DM half of the folded index card write any information you want quick access to. I almost always write down HP (hit points), AC (Armor Class), DEX (Dexterity Modifier), and Passive (Passive Perception).

Step 4

Place the finished cards on top of your screen. When you roll initiative, simply add, take away, or rearrange the cards to match the initiative order.

Index cards sit on top of a DM Screen to show the initiative order to the players and DM simultaneously.

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