Part 20 – The Infamous Pirate?

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Walking into the final room of the Pirate Cove, the Party feels the temperature heat up. There’s no mistaking it’s the Pirate Captain standing before them. An eye patch, a Captain’s hat, two wings? Four legs? Scales? A fire-breathing mouth? Lay upon a trove of gold and other eccentric items, a Pirate Dragon laughs at the Party. He congratulates them for making it this far, but whilst they have defeated his crew and stumbled upon his lair, the success of their mission won’t be so easy. He lifts himself from his throne of gold, and shows the Party his strength.

Things to Prepare:

  • A Stat block for the Pirate Dragon! Don’t forget the eye patch and hat!
  • The room for them to fight in, filled with treasure!
  • A name and backstory for the Captain. How did a Dragon become a Pirate?
  • A list of ALL the loot in the room, after all – the Party will try to take it all.

On Success: The Pirate threat is finally over – and the Party are heroes!

On Failure: The Party dies, or escapes with their lives, but the Pirates are still at large…

Reward: A hoard of gold and valuables from years of the Pirate’s pillagings.

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