Part 2 – Chasing the Horizon

A header image displaying Token Tales, and the title of the Arc, on Perilous Waves

Washed ashore, the party is surrounded by death. The sailors who made it to land have suffered strange wounds. A survivor sprints from the undergrowth, screaming about a strange predator hunting in the dark before succumbing to their wounds. The Party are aware of a town nearby that will offer safety for the night, avoiding the predator at all costs. Trees and hills can offer them vantage points to find civilization. A survivalist may find tracks from hunters and rangers that passed through these parts. Eventually, a verdant crystal signs a familiar landmark for the party to reach the town.

Things to Prepare:

  • The name of the town they’re trying to reach.
  • Potential hazards they could encounter whilst exploring the wilderness.
  • Markers / Clues for a route they can follow to eventually reach the town.
  • A Nocturnal Predator to stalk them during the night.

On Success: The party reaches the town safely and can rest for the night.

On Failure: The Nocturnal Predator finds them, beginning a fight!

Reward: A town where they can rest and shop. (Don’t forget to name it!)

A stylized version of the plain text Token Tale listed above.
A designed version of the Token Tale, for your viewing pleasure! Download it below!
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