Part 18 – First Mate In, Last Man Out

A header image displaying Token Tales, and the title of the Arc, on Perilous Waves

Most of the Cove is quiet and littered with dead Pirates. When the Party believes it’s over, they’re disturbed by the harrowing footsteps approaching them. Even though they’re dressed as a Pirate, there’s no mistaking the creature that stands before them – A Mindflayer! Introducing themselves as the First Mate of the cursed crew, they’re disappointed with the task of having to recruit a whole new crew to sail the seas with. There’s no talking with the angered First Mate, before the Party can collect themselves, they release a torrent of spells upon the Party, starting another fight for their lives.

Things to Prepare:

  • A Stat block for a Mindflayer or similarly strong Spellcaster.
  • A room for them to fight in, filled with Pirate themed furniture… and dead bodies.
  • Some Magic Items the First Mate may be using during the fight.
  • How will a Spellcaster Pirate fight differently to normal Pirates?

On Success: The First Mate is defeated, though where is the crew’s Captain?

On Failure: The Party is captured or killed by the First Mate.

Reward: A Strong Spellcaster would certainly carry Magic items for the Party to loot.

A stylized version of the plain text Token Tale listed above.
A designed version of the Token Tale, for your viewing pleasure! Download it below!
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