Part 14 – A Vault O’ Booty

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The Party stands before a giant, stone door. To the right of the door, a stream of water flows from a pipe into a grate. Ornate jugs hang from the door. One can hold five litres of water, the other can hold three. A plaque reads: “Four litres of water to quench my thirst. Only the stream will do. Other containers will taint the taste. The jugs must be used.” There are no markings on the jugs for the Party to measure out the water. Once they’ve filled one of the jugs with the correct amount, the doors creak open.

Things to Prepare:

  • Solution: Fill the 3 litre jug, pour it into the 5. Fill it again, pour it into the 5, leaving 1 litre in the jug. Empty the 5, add the 1 litre, refill the 3 litre and fill the offering hole.
  • A Vault room full of rewards for the Party to take. What would a temple have?
  • A Blessing Pool for the Party to uncurse their Gemstone Amulet.
  • A new item description for the uncursed Amulet, what does it do now?

On Success: The Vault opens and the Party can help themselves to their reward.

On Failure: The Vault remains closed, but the Party can try again.

Reward: A room full of gold and other valuables. Maybe even some magic items?

A stylized version of the plain text Token Tale listed above.
A designed version of the Token Tale, for your viewing pleasure! Download it below!
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