Part 9 – Temple Trekking

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The Party must track down an abandoned temple rumoured to contain riches and a purification pool. The exact location has been lost to time, but an old fable hints at a pathway to the ruins. “A path through the forest, marked by the fae. North from a rocky outcrop, wrapped in a green blanket. Step behind the curtain of water to find the entrance.” The Party must decipher the story and venture out from the local town. There’s rumors of an old monk that can point them on their way, if the Party struggles. He may wish to come along.

Things to Prepare:

  • Solution: A path of mushrooms, mossy rocks, and a waterfall. 
  • Skill checks to help the Party figure out the steps.
  • An old Monk character the Party can find for help.
  • Potential hazards and wildlife the Party can come across on their journey.

On Success: The Party find themselves at the door of the old Temple.

On Failure: The Party gets lost and has to find their way back to orient themselves.

Reward: The chance to grab the Temple’s haul, and a new travel companion.

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