Part 5 – Earning Your Sea Legs

A header image displaying Token Tales, and the title of the Arc, on Perilous Waves

A Pirate Captain is in possession of a blue gem the party needs, but they find themselves without a ship. Rumours have led them to a Merchant and their crew anchored at shore. When the Party arrives, the crew are unloading their latest haul from the seas, trade goods and exotic wares. The ship is large, and flies independent colours. It was originally used to transport cargo, but has been outfitted to survive the ocean with weapons and a reinforced hull. The burly Merchant is reluctant to help, and must be convinced to take the Party out on the waves.

Things to Prepare:

  • A name and description for the Merchant’s ship.
  • Descriptions and names for the Merchant and crew.
  • The type of goods the ship was transporting on their last trip.
  • A backstory for the Merchant to help the Party convince them to come around.

On Success: The Merchant agrees to take the Party where they need.

On Failure: The Merchant refuses, and the Party must find a new mode of transport.

Reward: The Party gains access to a ship they can use, and a new friend!

A stylized version of the plain text Token Tale listed above.
A designed version of the Token Tale, for your viewing pleasure! Download it below!
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