Part 16 – A Salty Guard

A header image displaying Token Tales, and the title of the Arc, on Perilous Waves

The Party approaches the Pirate Cove. Outside, they’re stopped by an old sailor clad in tattoos and golden adornments. His smirk flashes golden teeth as he sits in his old, rickety chair. He regails, or perhaps mocks, them with old tales of the ocean and his successful pillaging of plunder. His favourite tale involves hitting a Bard with a cannonball. He informs the Party that the doors to the Cove are locked, and he has the key. If they want to join the crew, they can convince him to let them in with a good enough tale of their own.

Things to Prepare:

  • A name and backstory for the Old Pirate.
  • Some tales for him to regale the Party with.
  • A stat block, in case negotiations go badly…
  • Some jewellery and other loot the Pirate may have, if the Party chooses to fight.

On Success: The Old Pirate is impressed with them and opens the door to the Cove

On Failure: The Old Pirate is unimpressed, and attacks them out of anger!

Reward: Access to the Pirate Cove, and maybe some of the Pirate’s booty.

A stylized version of the plain text Token Tale listed above.
A designed version of the Token Tale, for your viewing pleasure! Download it below!
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