1in Token Vault Printed Gaming Tokens


1in Token Vault Printed Gaming Tokens


Turn your Token Vault virtual tokens into the real thing!

Tactical Tokens will expertly transmute your virtual tokens into physical ones. Upload PNGs received from The Token Vault in the box below to start your order. For more details, read the full description below.

A flat custom order fee of $5.50 is applied to all Printed Token Vault orders. *Applied in Cart.


Turn your Token Vault virtual tokens into the real thing!

Tactical Tokens and The Token Vault are combining forces to offer a cohesive gaming experience that traverses virtual and physical tabletops alike. Simply upload PNGs from The Token Vault here to start your order.

Why You’ll Love Them


Miniatures are heavy when you’re carrying dozens of them around with you. Tactical Tokens however, are super lightweight at only a few grams per piece, so bring as many as you want to your next session. Throw an entire horde of 500 orcs at your party next encounter and leave their defeated legion scattered across the battlefield.


A single standard, unpainted custom miniature costs as much as six times more than one of our full-color tokens at least. A single fully painted custom miniature could easily cost upwards of $45 USD (over 13x more than one of our printed tokens). The savings only go up when considering our bulk discounts and frequent coupons.

Wet & Dry Erase Safe

Easily draw statuses, labels, spell effects, or even mustaches directly on the tokens with wet or dry erase markers and wipe them clean as new whenever you want. Our tokens are even compatible with liquid chalk markers.

Scratch & Spill Resistant

Clumsy players? Tactical Tokens are spill-proof and effortlessly wiped clean when you accidentally go into a barbarian rage and knock your drink over at the table. Don’t worry about scratching them either. Every Tactical Token is coated in a self-healing resin.

Stackable Stickiness

With a small pinch, Tactical Tokens will stick together better than your average adventuring party. Quickly stack tokens to show height in combat or to track spell effects. They’ll also stick to any other dry erase surface like a whiteboard or glass, among many other smooth surfaces. Don’t worry, they unstick just as easily.

Double Sided

Quickly flip tokens over to reveal a black-and-white version to easily represent conditions like being unconscious, asleep, or dead.

The Full Process

Step 1. Download the PNGs for every token you plan on printing from The Token Vault.

Step 2. Agree to the Terms click on the upload box to choose your token images or drag them directly into the box.

Step 3. Confirm your selection and click “Upload Selected Files”.

Step 4. Wait for the upload complete. Do not leave the page. This could take some time.

Step 5. Double check your selection then set how many of each token you’d like. The quantity applies to each token uploaded.

Step 6. Add to Cart.

Step 7. In your Cart, apply any coupons you may have before proceeding to checkout.

Step 8. Checkout and Complete your order.

Step 9. Wait a bit for the crafters at Tactical Tokens to masterfully craft and ship out your custom tokens.

Step 10. Receive your full-color custom Token Vault Tactical Tokens in the mail.

A flat custom order fee of $5.50 is applied to all Printed Token Vault orders. *Applied in Cart.

Get 10% off your first token design when you order quantities of 63 or more. *Applied in Cart.

Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 0.15 in

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