tokens with a brand logo on one side and a QR code on the opposing side

Your address, in hand.

Turn any crypto address into a simple, physical backup copy

Whether you need to hand out addresses on-the-go or verify your address, a tactical token will serve you well in bringing crypto to meat-space.

Give your public address away - literally.

Much like a business card, tokens acts like a physical transfer of digital information


  • ENS / Unstoppable / HNS
  • Any .com or existing TLD
  • A complete crypto address
  • Name, phone, email, and any text
  • Rick Rolls


Why should I have a public crypto address?

Use both sides.

Anything is possible.


  • Logo in the front, QR code in the back. 
  • QR in the front, logo in the back.
  • Two emojis
  • Two QR codes
  • Straight up blank