Tactical Blanks: 1-4 Inch Wet and Dry Erase Game Tokens

Reusable tokens that can stick together and stack up for unlimited creative possibilities on or off the gaming table.

Tactical Blanks Kickstarter Essential's Kit Reward Tier photographed on a handcrafted dungeon tile. Includes 1x 4in, 2x 3in, 4x 2in, 12x 1in blank tokens.

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Highly versatile and lightweight reusable tokens. Great for any tabletop adventure or creative project.

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We are launching another Kickstarter Project soon!¬†This time we are focusing exclusively on a crowd and customer favorite: Blank Game Tokens. Over the last year and a half we have crafted the ultimate wet and dry erase game token in 1 and 2 inch diameter sizes. Now we need your help bringing the 3 and 4 inch sizes to life. We’ve already figured out all of the manufacturing processes required to produce the largest size but producing and distributing these tokens at a large enough scale to be sustainable is a problem only solved by upfront capital. That’s why we need your help in raising funds for the initial manufacturing order.

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– Tactical Dave & James

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