Dry & Wet Erase Blank Game Tokens (2, 3, 4 Inch)


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Dry & Wet Erase Blank Game Tokens (2, 3, 4 Inch)


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Wet & Dry erase blank game tokens for any tabletop or board game. 1, 2, 3, and 4 inch diameter sizes.

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Did your player’s go into an area you didn’t quite prepare for yet? Don’t have that one creature mini or token you need? Have to build an encounter on the fly?

Now your tabletop encounters are a blank canvas, and all you need are some dry or wet erase markers to make them come to life. These blank white gaming tokens give you infinite possibilities at the gaming table. Simply write in whatever you need and throw it on the table.

Use the tokens to keep track of status effects. Or stack them to quickly show elevation. Draw symbols or even write out full words. Only write on one side of the token as a way of utilizing “Fog of War” so you can reveal the creature when you want to but still keep track of its location on the map. Maybe you just need a few proxy tokens because the barbarian smashed one of your miniatures last session. Your imagination is the only limit.


– Dry & Wet erase safe. Quickly and easily mark the surface of the token, then wipe it clean when done.

– Pure white in color allowing any color marker to show up great.

– Stack-able. With a small pinch of your fingers these tokens will stick and stack onto each other and most other dry erase surfaces.

– Scratch & Spill Resistant. These gaming tokens are sealed with premium grade self-healing resin, so don’t worry if you accidentally go into a barbarian rage at the table.

A Tactical Tokens d2 is included with each order. Special thanks to the Salty Science Podcast for stopping by to play test the larger blank tabletop game tokens with us.

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